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As the Official Investor Village Sponsor, MarketClub would like to make sure you have the tools and strategies to take your trading to the next level.

This page highlights MarketClub's Options tools and will give Investor Village users access to free and exclusive member content as a thank you!

To get started, you'll want to choose the statement that best fits you:

"You haven't yet discovered the power of options..."

Our Options Basics Boot Camp will show you the very basics of options, taught by Trader Travis, a former US Investing Champion and the co-creator of MarketClub Options. It's a free, no obligation way to learn options on your own time. Check it out here and see if options are a good fit for you.

"You have been scared away by "myths" about options..."

Maybe you've heard from "expert" traders that trading options and the high returns that come with them are complicated, demand hours of training, require a complicated strategy, and that only the elite "Buffets" of the world are using them to make money. Or maybe you just didn't have "luck" with options.

The fact is, options offer you increased returns on a lower amount of capital, allowing you to limit your downside risk. With a solid foundation and proven trading strategy, options traders can profit in any type of market with any size portfolio.

Check out this simple strategy that you can try yourself: It's a simplified version of the full MarketClub Options strategy that you can learn and use in no time!

"You already know the power of options leverage..."

For those of you already in the know, we would like to share last month's Bonus Training video that Travis includes for MarketClub Options members. In this video, he covers trading in a bear market and an "Enhanced Buy and Hold" strategy that we think everyone can appreciate. Members get a new Bonus Video every month!

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