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What You're Missing on the VHC Prime Board

There are no insider tidbits on future business or secret Japan deals or
anything that really matters. That board speculates as much as you do
here. None were happy with the announcement of a virtual ASM (again).
It really is pretty much the same between both boards ...except politics is
kept off the Prime Board.
VHC "bulls" have retreated into the background -- no more Ming-like
rah-rah posts. In fact, I don't even know if those bulls exist anymore, at
least not in the way and manner they used to. Instead, it's just your
everyday disgruntlement of a non-performing stock.
You're not missing anything! 
I posted this yesterday as an end-of-the-quarter summary of VHC.
VHC ended the month of March with an 8-day losing streak, culminating
with today's low of $1.58 (but closing at $1.63).
Today's share volume was 1.01M, well above normal. So what was going
Most likely, the last day of the quarter sees fund managers dumping their
losers, of which VHC is definitely one. Having closed at $2.60 on 12/31/21,
the stock proceeded to lose $0.97 (-37%) over the last 3 months.
What fund manager wants his/her investors to see such a turd in his/her
portfolio? They might question his/her spock picking ability and rush to
sell their fund investment. The easiest thing to do to pretty up the fund is
to dump losers.
So that might explain some of today's data. But what are option players
thinking about VHC? is this a time to buy calls in anticipation of either
a) a new quarter brings May flowers; b) "VHC just can't go any lower than
this"; or c) "I see a triple bottom forming so it's "up, up and away from here!"?
Whereas (a), (b), or (c) might be reason enough to buy calls, here's what
the 'smart' money people did today in the pit:
They sold calls by the dozens. Most notably:
200 Sep Call 2's for $0.31-$0.32
500 Sep Call 3's for $0.12-$0.15
With Sep options 169 days from expiration, they are the longest dated
VHC options available. Only 1 soul bought calls today (34 Apr Call 1's for
$0.55), an ATM play to partake in any 'rally' above $1.55 over the next
14 days.
So where will VHC's pps close on 30 June, the end of Q2? Between now
and then will come the virtual ASM in early June. If you are a believer in
triple bottoms having meaning for this tiny ephemeral stock, combined
with perhaps a gusher of an ASM where licenses are announced, then
buying Jun Call 2's for $0.17-$0.20 sounds like a drop-dead winner to me.
Those selling calls by the bushel seem hell-bent on putting their lifeless
VHC shares to work to earn some hard cash while waiting for the
turnaround to occur. Others are just as defiant in not selling calls
because the stock could zoom dollars higher any day now (for whatever
I write this post to give investors a look back at the last 3 months and to
show what's going on under the hood. Just as money managers sell their
losers (and buy 'winners'), I'm surprised more individual investors don't
do the same -- or at least review their portfolios on a frequent basis to see
if they too have picked a few stinkers. One of the biggest fears I've seen
from such investors is the self-admission that they picked a bad stock.
I have done my share of that. But I've learned that dead capital, whatever
remains of it in a dead stock, is better spent in a different stock whose
thesis suggests good times ahead.
Know thyself; know thy stocks.

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