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Re: $25

 The stock prices of so many companies deserved to be cut in half or more. CLF certainly isn't one of them. It's like 2 plus 2 doesn't equal 4 on wallstreet. And it's disconcerting to me that it happened to clf. I bought back the January $40 calls I sold when the stock dropped to 28 thinking the price would go back up and i'd sell them again for a higher premium. Wow was I wrong. I left $35k on the table with that miscalculation. I bought them back for $1.75 a month ago when I could have bought them back today for 30 cents. Time and time again the market makes me look foolish. I don't know the rules anymore, if there even are any. Big computer algos running everything.
CLF target price lowered from the 40s to the upper 30s and the stock drops even though that would be a 100% increase from current levels.  Just give us a 5 pe and I'd be happy. But by all means keep selling a stock with a pe in the upper 2s. Makes perfect sense.
LG needs to lower debt and share count meaningfully and unfortunately he can't do  both in large enough amounts this year. So we have to believe and be patient. Not exactly my strengths.
i currently have January calls with strikes of 25,32 and 37. After this Friday I'll have 20k shares with no options written on. I think I'll hold off until earnings or a run up into earnings (if that happens) before deciding on what to do with these shares. 
When fundamentals don't matter, it's a game of chance.

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