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The following message was updated on 8/18/2022 10:26:31 PM.

Post too much?

I am sharing information, doing my daily thoughts.  Put me on "Ignore" you see nothing.  You will just see whatever you want to see.  Put three of us on ignore, CTL/eze/from6454, you will see less than 5 posts, meaning if you don't read my posts, then of course you don't response, and there will be few more less.
For who care, the daily shorts activity has came to all time high.  No volume, yet the % of short trade had reached all time high...  Not even AMC/ATUS/M/BBBY, or even VZ for today, have such high % of short activities.. 
For the 2Qtr of 2022, as this point, shows institutions increase their holdings from 77.72% to 79.43%.  Increase their net position, 19.4M shares. 
At the same time,  Shot increase their short position from 99.44M share to 133.68M, net increase 30.78M shares, or provide 30.78M share to the market (ignore those management (nonsense stock options).  And adding short position of 17.2M share between 6/30 to 7/30.  I believe short interest will be even higher on 8/15 report.
In total, short have add 48M into the market, institutions add 19.4M shares. The remaining 28.6 must be bought by individual or institutions not required to file 13-F.
With Volume continue to move lower and lower. No sellers, no volume to cover, short continue to short it, but with caution, small volume short (thought high % of daily volume).  I think something is going to bust..  Unless they have information that LUMN is going to announce bad news.  Otherwise, watch out for big volume trading day.  When it comes, time to add more.
As to institutions, I think they are picking up shares here and there, not very active.  If shorts dump some shares, they will pick it up.  But no orders to buy huge volume.
You hear it first here.  Squeeze is coming..  If institutions are waiting the right time to hurt those short funds, they have been very patient. 
If institutions decide to add more shares, what can short funds do?  Increase short volume, right?  Of course, if they don't, you are going to see stock went up few dollars a day.  Within few days, short funds will get margin call.  I personal opinion is institutions should have no problem to buy it up under $25.  The assets valuation support that.  After that, if they decide short funds are really under stress, they will trade up share price to create short squeeze.  All that create volume.  So watch out for volume. Price up with volume increase..  Get ready, pay attention to volume!
All that are my observation and prediction from data that I collected.  That is the reason I believe those 25K options are arranged as "Buy Call and Sell Put" vs "Sell Call and Sell Put".

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