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I think high-techs is focus on data centers, connect data centers with fibers (buy or lease), connect few few business buildings when they see investment make sense (buy or lease).  In this structure, LVLT/LUMN play some role, but no growth.
I think SPLK present a good example where and how LUMN/Storey failed. SPLK only spends $20M of CapEx a year.  Same thing like ZM, they throw a million of two revenue to telecom, and VZ/T/LUMN spend billions of CapEx to get those $1 or $2 million revenue.
At this point, things that make sense and profitable is business/residential apartment, even LUMN connected as many buildings as possible, but they just don't know how to sell. So the investment of fibers/PPE has revenue growth and no return.
I believe LUMN connects 95% of US business with fibers, low latency, that is the part I think is valuable.  All that said, the assets is in the wrong hand, incompetent BODs and managements.
The only solution is to sell those assets.
Edge?  I don't believe it.  If there are revenue from it, the only things make sense is stock buy back.  I don't believe a word they said.  I only watch numbers and what they do.
Unbelievable institution investors, they allow management team like VZ/T/LUMN to keep their job.
But other than 16 states consumer assets, Europe, Asia, and Africa, US assets with many business building connected with fiber and 5mm to 95% of US business.  I believe there is no problem to get $40-$45B valuation.

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