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Msg  7311 of 7919  at  6/9/2021 11:19:58 AM  by


BMY real time

It appears the company has had a very good ASCO.  With Doctors and Hospitals reopening fully, the launch of newer products should pick up.
The trading range seems to have steadily expanded in the past months to mid 60's from the $59-low 60's which puts $3-4  bucks in our pocket.
The entire market is trading sideways now, so I don't expect anything significant in PPS appreciation ahead of earnings but who knows. 
Long time Celgene holders tend to be like pack rats and accumulate every dip. I recently took the opportunity to rid myself of older BMY shares bought many years ago at 67, but I have no interest in replacing them lower.  I have far too much being both a long term BMY and CELG shareholder.  Frankly other equities which pay an equivalent divi percentage are performing better long term, but they too are all now sideways.
As I have stated.  BMY has been a steady stock to own but my worst percentage gain performer over 10 years. 
The next breakout across the market should be higher, but after 2021 I see no clarity, nor am I getting it from Street contacts, who like S&P 4800-5000 by year end.
I don't look at day to day moves on PPS as much as trends and our trend in modestly up.
Good luck longs

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