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Ten Best Penny Stocks For July #7 cydy


7. CytoDyn (OTC: CYDY)

Clinical stage companies offer attractive investment opportunities and tend to spike if the product gets approval and gets commercialized. However, during the trial phase, the stocks remain a risky and speculative bet. But, in markets risk and return typically go hand in hand.

CYDY is a late-stage biotechnology company and is developing innovative treatments for multiple therapeutic indications using leronlimab which is a novel humanized monoclonal antibody. The company provided Leronlimab to patients in the Philippines under the Compassionate Special Permit. Joseph Estrada, former president of the Philippines was administered the medicine and his condition was said to improve after the medicine.

Last month, it announced that Chiral Pharma Corporation has placed its first purchase order for leronlimab under the CSP in the Philippines. Earlier this month, it announced that it has submitted a dose justification report to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which will be followed by an official submission to CytoDyns IND. A potential approval by the FDA could be a game-changer for the company.

CYDY looks like a penny stock worth betting on

A group of investors is pushing for a change in management and has proposed five directors to the board and has written a letter to the company to that effect. The letter emphasizes that if elected, the nominees would recruit a new management team to replace the current one that is responsible for these failures, and take the steps necessary to earn FDA approval for Leronlimab and enhance long-term value for all stockholders, said the group in its release.

CYDY has fallen below the 50-day, 100-day, and 200-day SMA and looks weak on the charts. However, the proposed management changes and a possible commercialization of leronlimab could be bullish drivers. Looking at theCOVID-19 situation, CytoDyn could be a penny stock worth buying at these depressed prices.

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