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There is only One thing that NVAX Needs, Jan Campbell

The Meeting tomorrow, the pending FDA Approval, The demand for Vaccines, the efficacy and safety of 2373, none of these will make any difference unless NVAX Board hires Mr. Campbell.
If as an investor you have accepted that the science behind 2373, Flu Vaccine, Possible future RSV Vaccine, Matrix M (Malaria trials with Oxford), and Combo shots and the coming Bi-Valiant shot currently is and will be very competitive with ALL other Vaccine offering's over the next ten years and in some cases may be SOC overtime, then the ONLY then we can conclude is that NVAX is a future Potentially many Multi-Billion Dollar revenue company with great science.  
Jan Campbell is Managing Partner of the Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology Practice of Korn Ferry and is based in Princeton, New Jersey.  Non of the above matters without retaining Jan and hiring the current COO of AMGEN (or someone at that level), who cannot become CEO at their current company for another 10 years because the current CEO at AMGEN is staying at least that long. (That is just a hypothetical, there are many BP and Big Biotech's that can be headhunted at that level.  
For the same exact reason no Football team can win a super bowl without first having a "Super Bowl" level quarterback no matter the other players on the field, NVAX CANNOT succeed and the ROI here will be abysmal regardless of the science if it does not get a "Tom Brady" Level CEO and time is running out for many reasons.  The rest of the NVAX team will be adjusted within 6 months to a BP team by the Quarterback.  Study the case of "Brian Niccol" as a recent example of what can happen to a Stock Price if Jan is hired, he never fails.
Lastly, Many here may not know "Ocyan", he posted here a few weeks ago.  For those DNDN vets you all know he was basically responsible for talking us all through 2 years of Bio Stats and science with the Provenge trials and made many of us big money, both retailers and professional traders.  Amazingly he posted here recently and I have studied his main point in that post and I would urge ALL investor's to go back and read what he said, his post is VERY relevant and will IMO come out soon. 
I know this will not be a popular opinion but the current market cap is a very accurate valuation of this company based on its performance by its current leadership, they are that incompetent the steer a ship at this level for many reasons, some discussed here as well as some not yet discussed here.  The market is more efficient than most think no matter the science because your best poster by far here, Red, has tried to point out that MRNA is a very good NEW Platform that will adjust its formulations in time to new variants that will likely compete with any NVAX COVID vaccine, with first mover advantage coupled with "Tom Brady and team" running the biggest one.   
So don't hate the player or the game, just put the best players on the field and the ROI here will be life changing. 
GL to all Has2 

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