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Re: Eat that BOA

C'mon BOA is still laughing to the bank. NVAX was $60 the other day, and probably would be $75 today if not for BOA (and perhaps other large shorts from the list that was posted).
• The recent attack managed to bring NVAX market cap the same level as CVAC... CVAC has nothing in comparison. NVAX has;
• The COVID vaccine with the broadest coverage against variants, and likely the safest COVID vaccine as well. 
• The best flu results.
• The best combination COVID/Flu data.
• The best malaria results in partnership with Oxford.
• Just selected by NIH for new EBV trial.
• If/when switching to Matrix-M for RSV would almost certainly propel to fantastic data.
• Just had their first profitable quarter.
How on earth NVAX could ever be valued anything less than 3x CVAC let alone the same valuation as CVAC with all the above goods NVAX has is imo unfathomable without institutions teaming up to attack the stock and the company, and perhaps even calling in favors to publishers to ignore the positive developments.
IMO they are still laughing at us and haven't "eaten" anything yet. I hope they have to eat plenty. But the current SP is still a joke of a valuation for the goods NVAX has.
The new 2 shot booster trial, and of course the COVID/Flu combination are imo the keys to possibly swapping market caps with MRNA over the next 2 - 3 years.

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