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making the case for NNDM

Anonymous13 hours ago
Here is a stock metric you rarely see, since for most companies the ratio would be very small: cash on hand to share price. For NNDM that number right now is .534. That's right - every share costing $11.26 on the market is backed by $6.05 for a percentage 53.4% of the market cap backed in cash.

As an example, Apple has $76.8 billion in cash, that translates to $4.58 per share. With Apple trading at $126, the ratio of cash to share price is .036 - that's right Apple's share price is backed up by 3.6% cash to the stock's price. Apple also has 112 billion in debt, so in reality, Apple actually has no cash "on hand" when one factors their debt. NNDM has no debt. Apple's book value is $3.94 per share and that must be the value of hard assets and IP as their cash position, as noted, is a net negative $35 billion (when accounting for long term debt.)

NNDM's book value per share is somewhere between 7.5 and 8 dollars per share. There is $6.05 per share in cash, and an 80 million dollar write-off that will have value against future earnings, their physical property, intellectual property and 13 3D printing patents (with another 35 applied for). It is pretty difficult to assign a hard value to a patent, so I under-estimated.
So, as an asset play, Apples share price is backed up by about 3% of real and intangible assets. NNDMs share price is backed up by about 70% of its stock price in real and intangible assets. I have been investing for over three decades and I only remember one similar asset ratio like this in a tech stock. Apple back in 2003 when it had about $7 billion but no business to speak of (pre-IPOD, Mac resurgence).
Of course, I am not saying that NNDM is Apple. Apple has a PE of 34 and pays a (low .65%) dividend. What I am saying that NNDM is an incredible risk / reward proposition. So much of the stocks price is now backed up by assets that it is very unlikely to have a fall of more than 30% in absolutely terrible, total bear market conditions, as it would then start trading below book value. Book value can sometimes be meaningless, but not when it is in cash. Because of NNDMs shrewd offerings, it is now a high potential tech company with an incredible balance sheet and a near once in a lifetime asset play.------------------------AnonymousAnonymous20 hours ago
For those complaining about the company's offerings - I have always said they have been brilliantly managed. NNDM now has 1.49 billion dollars. It tapped the equity markets at exactly the right time!

For those who sold in the panic this morning - I say thank you. I now have 40,500 shares. Money is made when the blood is in the streets. While many companies are vastly overvalued right now, NNDM is not one - thanks to their shrewd offerings - $6.05 per share in cash, $80 million in sunk R&D costs, 13 patents and more than 35 more applied for, a customer base of 60 large companies and key educational institutues, and the promise of revolutionizing the elctronics production industry. An underwriter was willing to pay $500 million at $12.80 - that was the only vote of confidence I needed.

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