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Turkey's 7th CK installed at Izmir


** translated from Turkish **

Source: stargündem
August 19, 2010

The first application in tumor

In the treatment of tumors 'Space scalpel (Cyberknife)' was performed for the first time in the Aegean region ...

Only the tumor tissue, radiation and cancer-free tissue damage is minimized by a new method of treatment "Space scalpel (Cyberknife) in the Aegean region for the first time in Izmir, Izmir Ataturk Training and Research Hospital, began to be applied. Tumors in the brain or in other parts of the body of patients who need treatment, then do not even have to go to Istanbul or Ankara.

Space Robotic Radiosurgery unit of the hospital was the first patient treated with a scalpel, Bilgen Aydin was 48 years old. Been diagnosed with lung cancer a year ago in November 2009 in İzmir Dr. Hospital of Chest Diseases and Surgery Bilgen underwent surgery two months ago lived in the house because of the seizures was admitted to the hospital again. Disease to the brain leaps Mr. results determined Bilgen, "this treatment only in Ankara or Istanbul applied was told. Doctors do through the Izmir Ataturk Training and Research Hospital also started to have learned. Research and evaluations after the first patients treated were included in my. İzmir going out of pants, a long stay a while and I'd have to spend extra. Now I'm living in the city itself could easily reach the hospital, when I feel like I can discuss with my doctor. " dedi. he said.

Married, and 18-year-old son, Aydin Bilgen's wife, Sevgi Bilgen the pension with the move, saying, "Istanbul or Ankara treatment we need to continue learning when we hand what we have to shed were ready. My wife rehabilitate sake seat house that we sell would. What joy I did not need us. The head of the health care business. " şeklinde konuştu. was in the form.

Such a system in Turkey is the sixth center, Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, stating that they Robotic Radiosurgery Unit Specialist Physician Spec. Dr. Dr. Ali Ölmezoğlu, with space only in the brain tumor, including the scalpel, without damaging the surrounding normal tissue in said treatment. While plans are drawn does not exceed the limits even one millimeter their target audience with precision, they were hit by a beam of about 150 described Dr. Ölmezoğlu, tumor recurrence in patients previously seen the light, to avoid damage to surrounding normal tissues to radiation treatment could not the second time. This device for patients with recurrent tumor, the chance of treatment available, even third time. " he said. Which each patient's health insurance, without paying additional fees may benefit from this opportunity to highlight Ölmezoğlu, each tumor may not be suitable for treatment with this method was also noted.

The transfer could depend on the duration of treatment of patients Ölmezoğlu, compared with peak demand even if none of the patients said he would not turn back. Dr. Ali Ölmezoğlu, "If necessary efforts of our 24 hours of removing the therapists we're considering. All tumors with this device is to treat them, but before treatment had suspected, surgery is not possible in tumors, even success can be reached. The patient surgical difficulty and risk of living that does not cure." diye konuştu. he said.

Associate Chief of Administrative Department of Radiation Oncology. Dr. Dr. M. M. Oktay Tarhan da, "In our hospital, the only device in the Aegean region, a population of 10 million addresses. İzmir is also in the treatment of patients in our region for a chance to reach." dedi. he said.

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