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Msg  396483 of 485877  at  4/1/2011 7:47:32 AM  by


Shareholder Proposal

Fellow Shareholders,

I am following up to my message #395712 from earlier in the week.  Due to the overwhelming response I have received, I have decided to make my previously mentioned proposal to Dendreon’s board of directors publicly available.  It can be downloaded via the link at the bottom of this page.

I have tremendous respect for this company and really want to see it succeed. Despite having the most revolutionary product on the market, Denreon’s management is not perfect and has made some missteps along the way.  This is starting to suppress Dendreon’s value.  That is why I think better oversight of management by a more diverse board is critical going forward.  If you agree, please contact the company and let them know that you support this change.  Keep contacting them until change is made.  If we stand idly by, nothing will get done.

I understand how passionate many of you are about this company and I have no doubt some might take exception to a few of the issues I have raised in my proposal.  I welcome constructive criticism.   However, I would also caution you not to get too bogged down in debate over every minute detail.  The overriding theme is that the company needs outside shareholder presence on its board.  I hope we can all agree on that.  Dendreon has the best shareholder base in the country, and we deserve a seat at the table.  Let’s work together to make sure it happens.

What a fantastic day Wednesday was.  Onward and upward!

Best regards,

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