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The AMAS (early Cancer) test by OncoLab in Boston, has been around for over 20 years..

 I first read about the AMAS back in the year 2000.  It can detect cancer 'years' before being detected with conventional means. Fwiw, here are a couple of articles about it from the past:
AMAS Cancer Test   One article from this link:
An Accurate Blood Test For Cancer


There is now a blood test that will accurately detect early cancer of all types. It has an accuracy of greater than 95%. If the test is repeated, the accuracy is greater than 99%. That is to say, that false positive and false negative rates are less than 1%. The test is called AMAS.

Twenty-one years ago a neurochemist, Samuel Bogoch, M.D., Ph.D., discovered a test for cancer antigen, similar to today's PSA for prostate cancer and CEA for colorectal cancer. With hard work and good sound research, he found the first anticancer antibody in the bloodstream of patients with cancer. He named the new antigen malignin, and called new the new antibody Anti-Malignin Antibody. Hew founded a laboratory in Boston called Oncolab, Inc. the test has been finally patented, and the FDA has granted permission to market this test.

We have been following the development of this test for the past five to eight years, however. It was not quite workable as a test that could be easily utilized by practicing physicians. At present, the test and the procedures in utilizing it have been refined and it is workable. A recent newsletter from the Friend Foundation For Medical Research, Volume 6, Number 1, Spring 1995, gives a descriptive summary of the AMAS test to date.

Doctors will be using the AMAS test around the world. There are three indications and uses for this test.

1. A cancer screening test.

The usual examination in a doctor's office today includes a history, a physical examination and selected laboratory tests aimed at detecting potential problems including cancer. With the use of the AMAS test, the doctor will be able to defer or eliminate chest x- rays, sigmoidoscopy, CT scans, possibly even mammograms and PAP tests, unless the AMAS is abnormal. All blood donors and transplant donors and recipients will be screened by AMAS to insure there is no chance of spreading undiagnosed viral-induced cancer. Life and disability insurance companies will surely want to know your AMAS status before underwriting a new policy or renewing an old one.

This is exciting to us because we have been prevention-minded for our entire medical career. The problem with cancer is that, like other diseases, it is not detectable until it's advanced. The other exciting idea here is that many cancers will be able to be prevented because tainted blood transfusions or transplant organs will be able to be screened, preventing the transplantation of cancer into an already sick patient. We all realize it is better to find a small cancer early than big cancer later. The cancers that are detected at an earlier stage are ones that have the highest possibility of a permanent cure.

2. A cancer monitoring test.

After any cancer has been treated the patient, as well as the doctor, wants to know if the cancer has been cured or if some malignancy may remain in the body. Breast cancer is a good example. Published data show that when surgery has been curative, the AMAS value returns to normal. If any cancer remains, AMAS will continue to be elevated. Cancer specialists will be able to precisely recommend radiation and chemotherapy only for those patients who need it.

3. In differential diagnosis.

If there is a shadow on a chest x-ray, a spot in the liver CT scan, a suspicious area on a mammogram, or an enlarged lymph node on an MRI, generally a needle biopsy or an open surgical biopsy is necessary to tell whether or not the tissue is cancerous. If the AMAS is normal, the lesion in question is not a cancer. In the future, the AMAS test should dramatically reduce the number of invasive biopsies, needless pain and suffering, and reduce the cost of medicine.


AMAS is a test which measures an antibody. It is a laboratory procedure called an immunoassay. PSA for prostate cancer and CEA for colorectal cancer are two common immunoassay that measure antigens. At the present time, AMAS is only available through Dr. Bogoch's Oncolab, Inc. in Boston. The requisition to order AMAS must contain specific medical information and must be sighed by both patient and physician.

The test is presently done by hand at Oncolab and requires special handling including properly separating the serum from the blood, freezing and shipping overnight to Boston. Dr. Bogoch is currently attempting to place AMAS with a strong international company that will make the test affordable and available in an automated form worldwide. He hopes to accomplish this by the end of 1995.


To date, more than 1,000 patients with breast cancer have been studied with AMAS. Most of the clinical research has focused on using AMAS to tell if the cancer has been cured. Results show that breast cancer can only be presumed cured if the AMAS returns to normal level after treatment. New data shows convincing evidence that breast cancer cannot be presumed to be in remission unless AMAS returns to normal. Traditionally, the usual follow- up treatment would include CT scans, MRI's, x-rays and hormonal blood tests, looking for signs of cancer after treatment. Used and performed properly, AMAS gives a much more accurate answer at a fraction of the cost and inconvenience. AMAS has found breast cancer as small as a pencil dot. This is a truly remarkable test.


Dr. William J. Friend, M.D., the Director of Medical Research for The Friend Foundation, states that Anti-Malignant Antibody in Serum (AMAS) is a naturally occurring antibody present in the serum of all people, even children. AMAS is our natural immune system against cancer. The test can be used to determine if any type of cancer exists anywhere in the body. It will tell if the new treatment against any cancer has been successful. The future application of AMAS in vaccines and booster shots is inevitable. Historians will probably view AMAS as the most important diagnostic test of the twentieth century, as it will forever change the practice of medicine in the civilized world.
Another article posted from someone with personal experience with the AMAS - having taken it in year 2000::

AltMedAngel: Alternative Medicine Angel

This is a non-profit site offering educational information and broad based research on various health conditions, medications, supplements and therapies. In addition, this site provides information on how to naturally improve overall health, strengthen the immune system, and slow the aging process. There is a list of physicians who use alternative treatments, a newsletter and book review section, and a product guide.  To access this site: Click on the link above or at the bottom of this page.

A Personal Experience with Cancer

I tested positive for cancer when I took the AMAS test in early May 2000, and I wish to tell you my story in hopes that you might glean something from my experience that will help you if you ever find yourself in this dreadful situation.

In the last three years several people I know have died from or been stricken with cancer. My heart breaks every time I speak with someone who tells me they're going through treatment for this dreaded disease and their doctor has made no mention of strengthening their immune system. It tears my heart out when my words fall on deaf ears, knowing that the information I give someone may save their life as it may have saved mine--if they would only listen.

It was only one month after going on line. Cancer just happened to be the first subject I researched for the site. I did the test for fun because, statistically, I was a perfect candidate for the disease and, since I was researching the AMAS test, I wanted to see how it worked so I could give you more detail.

Imagine my surprise when my doctor called with the news. This is the same doctor that didn't want me to take the test. He never heard of it, didn't believe in it, and couldn't find any information about it on the internet. I stumble on it every time I open a newsletter, read a book or watch TV. Granted, I watch the health channel and read alternative books and newsletters but this test was FDA approved in 1977 and is 95% accurate on the first test and 99% when repeated. It can detect cancer anywhere in the body up to 19 months before standard medical tests. Why don't doctors know about it?

In case you're interested, the full name is Anti-Malignin Antibody in Serum (AMAS) Test and it's available through Dr. Bogoch's Oncolab (800) 922-8378 at a cost of $165. Most insurance companies will reimburse the cost. Call and get a kit before seeing your doctor.  There is no prescription necessary but there is a form in the kit for your doctor to sign. It costs about $10 to have the blood drawn locally.  Never have the blood drawn before noon.*

After the blood is drawn the lab takes about 3 hours to prepare it for shipping. You must obtain 3 pounds of dry ice to pack the sample and ship it overnight to Boston. The test can not determine what part of the body the cancer is in. If you test positive, there are other tests that can make that determination if necessary. They will send your test results to your doctor.

In my case, I was in the very earliest stages of the disease. With 65 being normal, I tested at 141, so I felt I could treat it myself alternatively. My research told me that cancer is the result of a weak immune system, so I spent three weeks strengthening it naturally, waited a week, and retested. My hope was that the re-do would bring me down to Borderline, which was up to 125. Then I would continue treating myself to get my numbers down to Normal and re-do the test again in 2-3 months. If my numbers were the same or higher, I would pull out the big guns, alternatively speaking, and go for photoluminescence.

Photoluminescence is an ultraviolet light treatment of the blood that almost instantly strengthens the immune system. Unfortunately it is not available in Delaware but is available in New Jersey. I would have done this immediately if my cancer were more advanced. But my 3-week natural treatment caused my numbers to fall from 141 to 34 by the time I did the retest in early June--well within the normal range and with absolutely no side effects.

Most people do not realize how potent alternative medicine is if you know where to get quality merchandise and how to use it correctly. I added only two supplements to my daily routine: MGN3, which triples the strength of the immune system, and CoQ10, which is an extremely potent cancer fighter. The brands that I chose were expensive and had to be mail ordered but, with cancer staring me in the face, it was my money or my life. I had no time to waste with cheap imitations. All brands are not created equal in the unregulated field of alternative medicine. I needed guaranteed, easily-absorbed potency and I needed it fast.

In case you're interested in the details, I took 12 MGN3 (250 mg each) daily, 4 with each meal and 2 CoQ10 chewable wafers daily, morning and evening with meals, both for three weeks. However, I must say I think I was cured in two weeks.  I just threw the extra week in for insurance.  You can order MGN3 from The Apothecary (800) 869-9159. The CoQ10 came from the Vitaline Corporation (800) 648-4755. This is the brand used for the clinical trials on CoQ10. Each wafer is 200 mg and tastes good. Both companies discount first time purchases.

I feel fortunate that a hobby may have saved my life. Now, more than ever, I truly believe everything happens for the best. I don't know why I did the web site or why I picked cancer as my first topic. But without altmedangel, I would not have done the research. Had I not done the research I would not possess the knowledge to heal myself and I would not have done the test. Without the test I would not have known I had cancer. By the time I may have found out, it would probably be in a much later stage and much more difficult to treat. I'm glad I followed my inner voice.

The message that I would like to leave you with is this: Doctors are human. It is estimated that 180,000 Americans die each year as a result of medical mistakes. Most of these mistakes go unreported. When it comes to your health, your very life is at stake. Never forget that you are your doctor's boss. Don't be afraid to make demands.

Cancer is no threat if you catch it early but once it progresses and takes hold, your chances of survival are greatly reduced and your lifestyle is drastically changed. It's up to you to take charge. This disease can move extremely fast. Time is of the essence. There is normally a few weeks to a month or so between the time a patient is aware of a problem and treatment begins. Use that time wisely. In my case, I used it to achieve a total cure.

So I urge you to follow your inner voice and if I can be of any help at all, please feel free to contact me through this site or e-mail me at -- Angel.

PS:  I tested positive for a second time in the summer of 2006.  This time I treated myself only with ImmPower since MGN3 was taken off the market by the FDA pending drug status.  The ImmPower worked and I am once again in normal range.

* The reason for not drawing the blood before noon is because the test must be performed within 24 hours.  Overnight deliveries are promised by 10:00 AM but bad weather may delay delivery and the lab may be busy or short staffed.  A blood sample processed outside of that time frame may show a false positive.


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