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Re: Who will be the right companies for DNDN to acquire.

"I would like to think about possible future acquisitions, Dendreon may be interested in.
May be it is premature to think but appreciate any help identifying companies that will be helpful to DNDN."
Interesting!  I think we can first put down the requirements that DNDN would want from such a purchase and then look for companies that fit that bill....
  1. A market cap at most one fifth that of DNDN, so that DNDN can effect the purchase without a huge dilution in cash and shares.  So I would guess a market cap of about $500 Million as an upside limit...
  2. Synergy in terms of  immunotherapy in general and not necessarily in the cancer field, although that is a plus...
  3. The would be target would have something to offer that DNDN does not have currently in terms of technology and patents....
  4. Geographical location would also be helpful at this stage although DNDN is beginning to spread its wings across the whole US with their manufacturing facilities.  Nevertheless, I suppose they would prefer the west coast currently...


Given the above conditions, I can come up with a couple of names and I hope others can add to that.  Perhaps DNDN will look at our suggestions and save themselves the trouble of doing the research...LOL...
  1. ONTY: is the first obvious answer.  It has many pluses including a perfect geographical location in Seattle, a novel cancer immunotherapy with stimuvax, a small market cap of $140 Million, and a rather small employee pool that will not drain DNDN's resources.  The negatives here are that ONTY is already in bed with Merck Kga for their cancer vaccine and we know that DNDN likes to own everything outright....
  2. VICL: this is an undiscovered gem in vaccines and immunotherapy that would also fit well in the scope of DNDN's vision.  Its claim to fame is it's DNA based vaccines and therapeutics and it has plenty of know-how and patent protection.  It has a promising melanoma vaccine in development but its scope goes much wider than strictly cancer immunotherapy.  In fact, I think it is one of the yet undiscovered best plays against the Swine flu.  Other pluses are a small market cap of $200 Million, location on the west coast (San Diego) and an ambitious and competent management team...

Disclosure: I am long VICL and you should be too...

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