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Re: You Just Don't Understand; Pazdur's FDA Is Rational and Easily Explained....Casey

I didnt want to clutter the board up responding to your arrogance earlier in the day. Your post was not at all informational, was off topic ,was arrogant, full of self pity and was disruptive to the board.

Let me start by saying I am a proud member of THIS generation that you like to call the ME generation. In your post you took the liberty of calling my generation " a largely avaricious generation of unprincipled amoral thieves who, for the most part, are now running our financial institutions in New York and around the world." You add in a disclaimer at the end of your observation( Yes, I know that vast numbers of both of these generations have lived normal productive lives in accordance with the principles of their fathers and their father's fathers and indeed, the Founding Fathers)that, in your mind ,absolves you of stereotyping an entire generation. Well I can tell you flat out you will recieve no absolution from me.

I seem to remember a Tuesday morning a few years back where my brothers bravely attempted to rescue victims trapped in the World Trade Center and paid the ultimate price.Did they run in blindly,absolutely not.Most knew they would never leave that building.Still they went in.Guess what Casey, most of them were from this ME generation.Was this an isolated case?No,The Pentagon was burning,men were running in,men on flight 90 were bravely fighting to avoid another disaster,again men from the "ME" generation.

The endless days following 9/11 I witnessed an out pouring of support you could not comprehend. Selfless individuals,both uniformed and civilian,who braved unknown dangers and a toxic environment to help by torching I-beams,moving debris off the pile with heavy equipment for us or just handing out water to exhausted rescue workers. Nobody asked for money, nobody asked for recognition everyone just did what they could for each other.I saw cops and fireman from every corner of this country during the following months.Travelling on their own dime,leaving their families behind because they felt an obligation to serve.Again Casey they were for the most part from this "ME" generation. Greedy?Corrupt?Thieves? Hell No!!! Selfless? Caring? Courageous? Hell Yes!!!

Following 9/11, I know men who gave up six figure salaries and joined the service.Men who had business'gave up the easy life to join up and fight,leaving family and friends behind for years.I know a doctor who gave up his private practice and went overseas as a surgeon.He jokingly stated Afghanistan couldnt be as bad as Kings County hospital emergency room in Brooklyn.These are just some of the "immoral thieves" you talk about.I can only speak for what I witnessed first hand in a city thought to be self centerd and cold, though Im certain the rest of the country acted as we did.They gave selflessly and asked nothing in return.

This generation will never be labeled the "greatest generation" nor would we want that title.In my humble opinion the truely greatest generation was Americas first generation,Our Founding Fathers.After that every generation is faced with challenges,every generation has stood up and faced those challenges head on.Every generation has self centered immoral thieves.Im sure the market crash of 29 and ensuing depression had something to do with corruption.For you to generally belittle my generation is the epitomy of arrogance and ignorance.

You might look back at your age of innocence and wonder what happened to our country.The answer is we woke up. We no longer follow our leaders blindly. We question authority and rightfully so.Politicians and men of power have been dirty since Christ was a corporal.Do you honestly believe everything and everyone was on the "up and up" back in the 30s 40s and 50s? If so you are very naive.

This will be my final post replying to you on any subject.You seem to feel the need to belittle people who are not quite up to your percieved intelligence level.You feel the need to belittle anyone who does not have your seniority on this IV board.You now feel the need to belittle anyone who is younger than you.
Remember this board is about our investment in Dendreon and not your memories of the good ole days nor your twisted view of my generation.

Semper Fidelis,

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