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The following message was updated on 11/27/2023 5:33:44 PM.

Conference Call "Controversy"

I just listened after watching all the commentary on it all day. And after listening I found no connection between the calm matter of fact (and slightly amusing) call and the hyperbolic (and angst-ridden) comments I read concerning it!

I think the downward move in the stock price had way more to do with it then the words Missling spoke on the call. I'd say the only thing said that added to my knowledge was that the planning - especially that involving input from the KOLs who will be running the coming Parkison's trial - seems to be wrapping up and that trial will be dosing its first patient I assume shortly - and that will be announced once it happens.

The Rett trial top line data waits upon the timing of the last patient's safety readout, something I don't believe has ben mentioned previously, but since that timing has always been a known quantity, I don't think there would be any change in Missling's previous plan to have topline data released before year's end.

That's about it. Oh yes, over 90% of the AD trial participants continued on into the 96 week extension part of that trial...and that data will be part of the approval request package. Additionally, those patients who have even completed that 96 weeks of extra dosing have asked and received the drug beyond that 96 week period and are now headed for 144 weeks or whatever. That seems to indicate the drug is giving them some benefit - at least enough to justify the extreme difficulty of taking a pill once a day!

So things are moving along at (what seems to us shareholders) the speed of a turtle - at least the turtle in the story of The Turtle and the Hare. (Even though Missling has a rabbit-like face and a hell of a lot of hair ... Anavex is the turtle in this tale!)

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