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Re: Cassava Sciences

 The Sava board wasn't 'kind' when i challenged the belief that biomarkers alone were enough to show AD could be 'controlled'.   Surprised its still at $2 after yesterdays news..
I have traded AVXL 2x now, made some on the first round, gave back some on the second round as it started its slide lower.
  Just don't know about these AD efforts.   The complexity and continued ability to neutralize efforts to control it, prevent it, indicates something in the approach is either wrong, or there needs to be a lot longer effort to monitor folks that are 'healthy' now, and knowing whats been 'learned' from all the prior efforts, monitor them for changes for YEARS to track progression in markers.  Monitor them until they show signs of AD or those that are paid to be monitored, die from causes.  Course, that doesn't make anyone money in the meantime...  So only the FDA or CDC would likely be willing to fund that kind of study..
  disclaimer:   don't own any AVXL..  decided to play in the bounce of the price of oil instead...  not sure which one is riskier..  but at least I can put my finger on whats going on with oil supply and demand

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