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Re: Question for Board

 As far as I know there are no readouts / trial data releases between now and mid Jan.  You may want to read Alan's latest as well (Biowatch report).
That being said we may or may not see what Teva will do next.  Watch the court docket as there is a status call next week.  My expectations are process at District court moves along slowly.
Next week we will see issuance of patent that covers 900mg dose absorption w food (extends the earlier patent at 1200mg).  I would think that Corcept will work these into the litigation process.  The label explicitly says take w food and patent covers enhanced absorption -- so would be hard for generic to argue non-infringement.
Lastly, there remains a large short position which should IMHO get unwound now that the generic launch risk has been pushed out with the favorable PGR decision.  So that in addition to the company buyback kicking off will put a floor on the share price.  We know that Baker thought it really cheap at $18 before the PGR.  So now with good PGR surely would think that low-20s remains attractive for the buyback -- so my WAG would be company buying around 1mm shares between now and year-end.

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