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Re: BioWatch Update - The Less Known Indications

First, you are correct. The obvious indications are addressed in the expanded document. However, if anyone wants to search for information regarding pancreatic and ovarian cancer, I devoted oprior articles to each cancer.  
Second, the focus on the "less known" indications enabled a different lens on the valuation. You are able to see Corcept "playing the odds", This becomes clearer by focusing on these indications, and "playing the odds" becomes a consistent theme. We know that Corcept minimized financial risk through the use of independent investigators. At the same time, it has a large set of clinical trials in play. The results should arrive by Year-End 2022 for the entire set. 
Third, there may be a day in which I do an update with the "obvious indications" again. The expanded document stands at 34 pages. Remember my review articles on Ovarian Cancer and Pancreatic Cancer? Each was fairly lengthy. Nevertheless, you can extrapolate if you thoughtfully extrapolate from the condensed update. Let me provide hints.
CORT valuation is maintained and advanced even it GRACE & GRADIENT are the only successes - even if all the lesser known indications fail, and perhaps even if RELIANT and Ovarian fail too.

What are the implications of that statement? This describes a good situation doesn't it?

In the expanded document, I also turn the statement on its head. How can CORT keep its valuation if GRACE & GRADIENT fail? 

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