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Re: Stonebridge Keto P3 results

I initially thought recorlev could hurt Corcept at the margins but even that threat is fading. These results are a worse than I internally forecast. It's so bad that it could backfire and help bury the entire ketoconazole spectrum of drugs for treating Cushing's
This is like shooting fish in a barrel for the Corcept sales team: Here, let me show you the results from their pivotal trial. Can you trust a company that rejoices at these results? 
You know you're in trouble, when the new kid on the block, Crinetics, is taking shots at Strongbridge's drug. And it won't be just Crinetics going after it. It's going to be a dog pile from the competitors and would-be competitors.
Some of you wanted a lower CORT. This event may temporarily part shares from fleeing short-termers and naive retail. Hopefully.
Yes, the court case looms in the background and the decision will hit valuation. In the longer run, however, this was the more important variable. A viable form of ketoconazole would have been forever. 
Remember when it was the first choice for treating Cushing's? 
There will be viable competitors...someday. The Cushing's market is large and thanks to Corcept, is getting larger. It's already larger than several attractive cancer indications. 

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