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Re: Phase 1 Neurological Trial


Just so happens that Joe is pretty good at cards and trading also for that matter.

Here’s an excerpt from an old article by Susan Freinkel, “The Case Of Thew Notorious Depression Drug”…

That was appealing to someone who is drawn to risky endeavors and yet is too rational and levelheaded to enjoy the uncertainty of truly high-stakes gambles. What Belanoff likes is working out ways to ensure the risk will yield a worthwhile reward. It’s a mind-set that goes back to childhood, when he would collect thousands of pennies to find the few that were valuable. As a college student, he once sought to recoup a summer’s worth of expenses by playing the blackjack tables at Reno, but only after teaching himself to count cards.

He excelled as a trader—“He’s one of the smartest men I have ever met in any business,” says Sandy Herzfeld, his former boss at Moseley Securities—and the money was nice. He could buy an apartment, put his college girlfriend (whom he later married) through medical school, and amass a small fortune in savings. But after several years, Belanoff decided Wall Street wasn’t the place to find meaningful work that could keep him engaged for a lifetime. Medicine seemed to offer just that, so while he continued working as a trader by day, he began taking premed courses at night. “I’d show up for the organic chemistry lab in a three-piece suit,” he recalls.

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