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Re: Short Interest Update

Agreed the momentum has seemingly shifted and for good reason....
The strength of the ‘214 patent has caused at least 2 investment firms to analyze the patent portfolio and they think
it’s actually winnable, let alone delaying..
The recent food patent can only add to that viewpoint and continue to shift/even up what was, as you pointed out, a 1.5 year
bearish pattern...

With regards to the food patent, there has been a bit of continued back and forth even after the allowance notification..
Couldn’t access the images but I was wondering if Cort was trying to get some last minute changes through?
Any way, if should be issued soon and added to orange book and litigated....
I still have some hope that Teva looks to settle this dispute but I may be dreaming!

Is there a specific day in November for this IPR decision?
I am assuming a no review indicates ‘214 is solid and carries some real litigation value
and a yes review means ‘214 could be in jeopardy or watered down for litigation value?

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