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New Seeking Alpha article

The author tells that Corcept will face significant competition from Novartis (Signifor) and also Strongbridge Biopharma (Levoketoconazol) (which he seems to be invested in as he promoted SBBP a couple months ago).

Of course the subject here has been discussed many times. We all know where to stand regarding Signifor & Levoketoconazol. But as Alan has already said multiple times, here is a reminder why we think that CORT should still earn a big piece of the cake:

SBBP drug does not act directly on the diurnal rythm of cortisol, the drug tends to only suppress the Cortisol level without acting on the underlying issues.

An important biological aspect of Cortisol is that the level of Cortisol is highest when we wake up in the morning and then it drops through the day and then rises through the night. That is what makes Korlym and Relacorilant so unique as it helps to reestablish that diurnal cycle. Thatís one of the main reason so many patients do feel much better on Korlym.

Because of that Corcept will keep their impressive growth and market shares even though new competitors (SBBP) are slowly entering the market.

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