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Re: Odds & Ends

 You may want to carefully re-read Alan's reports about '335.  Story is quite nuanced.
The taking time comments from Joe refer to the higher dose tablets / formulation that is needed to launch the P2s in Nash. That and fatty liver are thought to need a higher strength tablet, and work on that should finish up in Q4 on optimizing the PK/PD characteristics with launch of those P2s in Q4/Q1 2020.  And given how competitive the whole Fatty Liver / NASH space is, it makes sense to use the best possible formulation.
For anti-psy wt gain there is enough data from the large randomized Mife trials that the formulation issues with '335 are less challenging.  The main de-risking from the readout in next 3-4 wks is to make sure that in healthy humans '335 does what Mife does in mitigating wt gain from anti-psy.   That is to say that the current formulation is good enough for this as the bar for success is lower given the large body of Mife data in the indication.
As for the Kool-Aid drinkers, they think that Corcept is driven entirely by the Teva litigation and the Nov USPTO review is really important.  Personally IMHO it may impact stock, and I think it is better that 75% chance USPTO will review.  If that drives price back down to low (say 10-11), it will be another good buying opportunity, particularly if the anti-psy wt gain readout is positive.  

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