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The following message was updated on 9/12/2019 11:38:58 AM.

Odds & Ends

 (1) Rela Cushing's P3 seems to be on track - Clinicaltrials.gov was updated yesterday.  Added 5 trial sites (2 US & 3 in EU / Israel) for a total of 34 (on track or 50+ by yr end as indicated by company).  Completion listed as Dec 2020, so that suggest topline in Q1 2021, as previously guided by the company/
(2) Next few weeks we should see readout of wt gain mitigation w/ antipsychotic.  This trial is completed and data should be inhouse at Corcept by now.  As Alan has written this is a low hanging fruit indication in which Mife has been shown to work very well.  So more a confirmation that successor compound '335 does not do anything weird in humans.  IMHO if this readout is positive, then expect Corcept to hurry up a pivotal P3 later this year.  Size of this indication of the same size as Cushing's and a high chance of success (70%+), if next months readout is positive.  WS is asleep about this IMHO.
(3) Meanwhile short interested reported late yesterday remains unchanged....who knows if the strength in share price this week and decent volume will last or a short term game as someone is trying to squeeze the shorts.  Short interest has remained high and with so many near term positives in next 2-3 mos (anti-psy wt gain, P3 in pancreatic, new litigation with the 3 orange book patents not in current action, etc.), there remains 23mm shrs to cover.

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