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Re: Wainwright - all about delay not who "wins"

Alas like most analysis it misses the forest for emphasis on individual trees. 
And being skeptical, maybe like most WS BS, it either deliberately or inadvertently hypes an individual "catalyst" (in this case like the post-grant review of the combo dosing patent in Nov) to "manufacture" stock price volatility.  The new dosing with food patent IMHO allows a new way to delay even if the post grant review is started at USPTO in Nov.
Maybe I am being too harsh but like Alan and others have posted it is not about an individual IP related event but instead about the entire portfolio of patents and pending applications that collectively delay and limit the generic launch and revenue loss.  Towards that end yes the combo dosing and the new dosing with food patents are important.  But what is more important is the time it will take Teva and others to work though all the steps.  With Relacorliant readout about 5-6 qrts away delay until then or later is lot more important that the ultimate outcome. 
Moreover Corcept is not sitting pat -- Alan posted all the new applications that are in review at USPTO that serve as backups and new claims to in due time to add to the litigation (or as Markman suggested a while back used to create a new case).  

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