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Re: Valadation of GR modulation in Prostate tumors

 Way too early to tell.....for now we don't even know if any work, let alone "which one is better".
That all being said in virtually every promising oncology approach you see multiple companies trying to get in.  And any decent oncology market supports two to four products, with one of those over time (say 5+ yrs after approval) becoming dominant.  But even the second or third product can do well over a $1 billion in sales -- look at the PD-1 space or the next gen androgen receptor modulators, etc.  
The first company that has a 2-3 yr head start and a early / extensive patent estate is in pole position to get a large share and/or royalties (after long litigation) from the others...that is how the game ends up.  For now all you can say is the IF (very big if) GR modulation ends up being the standard of care even in HR refractory tumors (not to mention any other solid tumors like Ovarian / TNBC, etc) Corcept is likely to get enough of a share that the stock is worth many multiples of today's market cap.
The only point we can make today is that competition from a smart new entrant with sophisticated investors and insiders does away with an often repeated knock against Corcept last 2-3 yrs -- if GR modulation is so promising in treating hard to treat tumors why is no one smart jumping in.  ORIC clearly has with the type of folks involved that you want to validate the approach.

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