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Re: Valadation of GR modulation in Prostate tumors

Yes, this is strong validation. I am fairly certain that the patents will get challenged. It is really ORIC's "obligation" to test them.  A few CORT investors will freak out, but it's the usual way of things.
If you have a valuable position, someone else eventually tries to wedge their way into it.
As for all the board discussion about the "metabolic story", this is indeed the heart of Corcept's story. For years, I believed that the indications like Cushings & its offshoots, as well as AIWG (and others) would eventually zoom past the "cancer story".

i760, you quoted my (long ago?) prior post regarding adrenal incidentaloma in the elderly. Until I see contradictory data, I stand by it. It doesn't mean that relacorilant will be assigned to treat ALL of it, but perhaps the "more severe" of the "less severe". Nevertheless, here's my wild guesstimate: the "more severe" of the "less severe" is still larger than the current market.  
Relacorilant should be able to treat the entire range...and more. 
Lastly, I will add my voice to the choir. Korlym raises the cortisol level and that freaks some endocrinologists out. It's an additional reason why relacorilant will create significant market expansion. I haven't read the BAML report (GRACE trial enrollment presages later uptake), but we don't need it.
Relacorilant doesn't cause abortions
It lacks major Korlym side effects
it has a far less impact on cortisol levels
Easier distribution and handling
What's not to like? Our only question is pricing. What will Corcept do if the "less severe" market is larger than expected? But that's a good problem.

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