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Generic Mullings

2 different sources I read said that this case is shaping up to be a likely ďat riskĒ launch....
essentially the weakness of the patents and the relatively small amount of a likely fine (in the event
Teva was eventually found to have infringed) might prompt Teva to launch early instead of waiting for all
the proceedings to finalize..
Thatís a possible Q4 2020 launch date.....
Assuming PTAB institutes a review, that probably adds fuel to that fire....(and vice versa if denied)...
Pretty critical for CORT to get PH3 grace finished quickly...
So in this scenario, we need to think about impinged revenue in 2021/22 as it takes time for FDA approval and
then all the insurance formulary approvals to work thru...
I would imagine CORT infrastructure will make RELA uptake quicker up than normal with a new drug?
Or will it take multiple years to convert korlym patients to Rela ? In which case maybe lower revenues for 2023/24
till Rela is in full cushings mode?....
In any event, it seems to me CORT will still have enough cash flow from Korlym sales for at least 2 maybe 3 years to
get Rela up....donít know if they need to pullback on trials during this phase or not...or maybe they can do another financing
like they did with Korlym to bridge the gap....
Any other thoughts?

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