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Consumer complaints

Just out of curiosity I conducted a Google search session wherein I searched for product dissatisfaction for any industry going back 20 years.  It included the Better Business Bureau, the Consumer Protection Agency, Consumer Reports, and numerous other sources.  Search criteria also included recalls and class action lawsuits.
The results were stunning.  Nowhere in American business history could I uncover an instance where an individual company, in any industry, suffered from the amount of consumer complaints that Apple has received over its product without a recall of the product, criminal charges, decline of the corporation, or outright demise through bankruptcy or acquisition.
Many will recall the Firestone tire recall in 1978, wherein 14.5 million tires were recalled and led to its bankruptcy and takeover by Bridgestone.  And in 2001 Ford recalled millions of tires yet again at a costs of billions.  Now, granted consumer safety was paramount in these recalls and it only took a few thousand complaints to initiate, so comparing those incidents to Apple's complaints is comparing apples to oranges.  But even if you're just selling benign widgets, 500,000 complaints is off the charts.
Think about how irritated you have to be to actually complain about your Facetime experience (or anything for that matter).  You have to take the time to log on, find the complaint page, fill out personal information and then briefly explain your complaint.  And that's occurred 500,000 times!  That's not just a bunch of techies with nothing better to do--that's granny's and grandpa's, mom's and dad's, teachers, students, children, executives, business people..., its a cross section of Apple's entire consumer base.   Apple has to know that is an unacceptable, untenable, unsustainable level of consumer dissatisfaction.  Right?
Apple hierarchy believes that succumbing to VHC's licensing demands will open the floodgates to every inventor with a patent from now until eternity.  So apparently, they've decided its better to lop off their nose with a machete than face a future where they will be held accountable for stealing other people's ideas.  Not very bright.

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