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Re: The WARNING was sounded back in 9/2012. And the PPS then ?

Original Message (# 141405) by berkstump2 on 12/9/2017 2:55:15 PM

Re: The WARNING was sounded back in 9/2012. And the PPS then ?

Original Message (# 28193) by berkstump2 on 9/5/2012 11:40:10 PM

Observations: InvestorVillage- Most Visited and Most Active

Back in 2006 the quality of the messages being put up on the Yahoo Message Boards was
experiencing a rapid degradation. Fewer and fewer post were about the underlying stocks and more and more were
just nasty daily doses of insult and personal attacks.
And then the mass migration to InvestorVillage, where "Serious Investors Connect."
The implied promise; to be free of all the sniping and infantile churllishness of the old Yahoo MB's and to read and exchange investing data and ideas with other serious investors.
And the tools to help make that happen also came with the InvestorVillage format. It was simple. Don't care for either a poster or a line of thinking? Simply use IGNORE.
Now, in 2012, it seems that whatever that old virus was on Yahoo has hitched a ride to InvestsorVillage.
Posters feel free to preemptively post-bomb any line of thought that they don't care for or doesn't agree with the dominating Party Line about a particular stock.
Many, many Recommedations are simply doled out to Posters who post Messages that are most in agreement with "Yea" sayers.
What do you say we take a look at some of the Most Highly Visited Message Boards on Investor Village and, underneath their respective symbols, attach a simple 3-6 yr Chart.
The question here?
Do all those Messages, does all that time spent posting and talking ( and everything else), create "serious"
Investors who are better equipped to invest in growth stocks as Long Term Buy and Holders ?
Look at the Symbol, look at the chart. You tell me.
Symbol......................IV Message Count
1.5 million messages on these 3 Message Boards. Thousands of man-hours, if not man-years in the making
On each of these Boards, some very bright people have shownup and they have provided astonishingly in-depth reviews and opinions on various data sets and business direction.
Now, from looking at the charts, what do we see?
All 3 companies have experienced huge, huge losses in PPS, with losses running anywhere from 50% to 80% off of
their PPS highs.
As a group Retail Investors in these 3 Companies have lost millions of their invested dollars.
Wait a minute!
This is the place where serious investors connect.
What's wrong with this picture?
Unfortunately, whatever is going on doesn't stop with just those 3 Message Boards.
Here is a list of the 10 "Most Active Boards" for today, 9/4/2012:
1. Vhc
2. Rmbs
3. Arena
4. Dndn
5. Bry
6. Cwei
7. Eln
9. Oil and Gas discussion
9. Navb
10. Fnma
Go ahead, create multi-year charts of all those stocks.
Shockingly, they all share the same behavioral characteristics as the 3 Most Messaged stocks.
Thousands of Investors spending years of their lives watching and hoping for a stock PPS to rise, only to see
staggering, and in many cases multiple pillaging of a stock PPS and their investment monies.
As it is turning out, Investor Village is becoming the "In-place" to come to if any kind of Predator wants to rape and pillage Retail Investor wealth.
In the meantime, InvestorVillage Posters are busy "seriously" ganging up on fellow Posters that they don't "like."
Why? Does that help them to be better Investors?
Is anybody discussing how to protect their money?
How to keep from losing it once it's made?
Well, if anyone is, that voice is sure to be drowned out as the various Message Boards fall in line with their
respective "opinion-leaders."
Smell something burning?
If you have come to Investor Village, it seems that that smell is probably your money going Fahrenheit 451.

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