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American Patriots want JUSTICE!!

From Moonshooter's link:

"Stenstrom says that in Delaware County he “witnessed unsupervised access by a vendor representing Dominion during which the vendor apparently violated election system certification protocols and inserted jump drives to download and update the aggregation machines counting the vote.”

Stenstrom says that he witnessed election officials violating protocols by breaking the seal on the machine jump drives and comingling them. He believes that this reflects an intentional effort to prevent audits to accurately determine the count."

“This conduct as well violates certification protocols. This evidence joins evidence from Georgia indicating a dominion vendor actually removed the hard drive from an aggregator and took it home with him, thus breaking the chain of custody and undermining the integrity of the count,” Amistad Project said.


I watched the entirety of Stenstrom's comments.
He is an EXPERT in IT/Cybersecurity and has his own company .
He was a GOP poll observer, together w a DEM appointed observer who BOTH documented the same findings.

WHY would these men LIE on a sworn affadavit, risking charges of PERJURY if they were
found to bear false witness?

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