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Msg  196521 of 198199  at  11/30/2020 12:05:50 PM  by


Mendicant Ming's Merry Mirth

Looking back over the last ten years of interest in VHC, I must say that the MOST enjoyable part of being a shareholder has been the MIRTH provided by The Mingster through contact at the VHC sites.

Also, got to know him personally and enjoyed some far ranging discussions about a wide variety of topics such as the gustatory nuances of Polish Kielbasa and the importance of being a numismatic expert on the subtle perforation patterns and glues used on Scandinavian postage.

He's a true gentleman and scholar.

And, could immediately get an Emmy for any guest appearance on Saturday Night Live.

Over the ten years, I have shamelessly copied most of his humorous posts and upon my retirement from my career long service to Aesculapius, will publish an award winning anthology of his work.
Of course, I shall need his permission to use a Pseudonym like John Beresford Tipton and all proceeds will be distributed in One $MILLION" cashier's checks, to the most deserving.
Such as the Poor Clare's, who need help with the legal bills after beating K Harris in court.
Interest on the massive profits will accrue to the Merry Ming in hopes that he can now easily acquire a massive Brownstone on the Upper West Side.
He deserves it.

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196527 Re: Mendicant Ming's Merry Mirth--- but also: Leader of the Lemmings nealhugh 1 11/30/2020 2:41:09 PM

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