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Msg  191708 of 193477  at  8/10/2020 11:38:41 PM  by


News from the front lines....Secrets

A family member hospitalized for a troublesome kidney stone at a first rate hospital.
I asked her nurse how they were handling the Covid infected admissions.
Were they segregated to a common area of the hospital?
Like, the OB-GYN "Women's Center" is separated from the Heart Center?
Follow me?
"No, she said."
"So, where do they go?" said I.
"We can't tell you," said she.
"WHY?" said I.
"Because," said she.
"Why?" said I. AGAIN.
"We can't tell you," she said again, this time with her demeanor changing and her temperature rising.
"I'm a physician and I'd like to know," said I.
"WE have been instructed to NOT answer that question," said she.
"By who?" I asked.
"I can't tell you that," she said.

It's all f#cked up.
I walked down the hall and saw an aide in full space suit PPD walking into a room.
The room had a large ISOLATION sign in full view.

The hospital CLEARLY doesn't want Covid free patients to know that there are Covid sick patients right next to them on the same ward.
Amazing really.
I also learned that in most hospitals locally, if you happen to test positive and then die for ANY reason, like for sepsis after a kidney stone, you will be labeled a COvid fatality.



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