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Re: Shifty Adam Schiff / Yoman / Neal

I see you've deleted your reply, in effect saying that those deaths are welcome because they're Trump supporters. But the point of my post was to illustrate that Trump cares only about himself, and his supporters be damned, even going so far as to attempt to cancel Obamacare at the USSC without any replacement offered, while literally tens of million lose their employer-sponsored HC as they file for unemployment insurance. Trumpers are amazing in their stupidity; supporting someone whose policies are obviously contrary to their self-interest.

Also, concerning Chip's praise of VA improvements under Trump; I have a friend, 77 years of age, retired one star general who does regular contract work for our intelligence agencies, and a graduate of Boalt Law School at Berkeley. He's the most well informed person I know. We've discussed this issue explicitly. He says Trump has done nothing of substance to improve VA medical benefits. Chip, OTOH, continually praises an habitual liar who now resides in the WH. Who should I believe?

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