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Re: ot ot ot

i am a fat, old man. i have a lot of stock. cash, cds, bonds pay very little. stocks are overpriced.
biden may win. we have rioting, arson, looting, murder, assault in our cities. we have enormous debt - each government level, underfunded pensions, corporate, individual. fed has huge balance sheet. we have huge obligations under social security, medicare, medicaid and other government programs. we spend a fortune on schools, head start, subsidies for food, housing. now government spends as people have no saving and many have no job because of covid 19. americans will not learn, be educated, get skills, work, compete with asia. voters want everything free. voters want to live high on the hog.
msm, pols, professors, economists, dems say give people money for not working, so they can buy and businesses can sell to them. take in unskilled, uneducated illegal immigrants and give them loads of stuff for free. so stocks are in a very precarious position. faang is huge % of market cap of indexes. i do not know what to invest in. but, your stuff has done well, you have had a feel for how to trade it, but it is not for me.
i am stuck in vhc until mid january 2021. i hope it does not dive before then. i have no upside as i sold covered calls.
the people on iv are stupid, ignorant, ineducable re stocks , economics,politics, logic, statistics.
we spend money, waste money, give away money and do not require anything from recipients. we reward bad behavior and punish good behavior.
some are great successes with opportunities of u s a and capitalism. others decry the inequality - as they have nothing as do not learn, work, save, invest. but, now they destroy even more than they did. take drugs, have kids born drug addicted and damaged. loot, burn, assault.
i hope we still have a silent majority who see through msm and jerks on iv, fb, twtr, goog. cowards back blm to save their own hide - otherwise attacked, fired, boycotted.
my net worth is at an all time high. but my tod has unrealized capital gains. biden could get rid of step up in basis. my iras, have calls sold against my stocks.i rarely buy my calls back. spreads, commissions eat you alive. once free of calls, i may sell stocks in ira earn nothing on cash, rather than risk in stocks. some are in the money. i will get cash. i may not invest in stocks. but inflation even hyperinflation is a risk. so is government stealing of money.
if i left u s a and gave up citizenship i'd be heavily taxed. i might lose medicare, social security. other countries are a problem re safety, taxes, politics, life style,medical care, treatment of immigrants. i would know no one. yeah, there are american ex pats. i am too old to enjoy asian or south american women. there are restrictions re americans owning certain property. i am used to style of u s a living. but, u s a is going the way of socialism. u s a has huge government, regulations.
i could pay neal 10% to invest what i have in art in colombia. i'm sure he has expertise, knows people and would handle the transactions with the utmost of integrity. i do know someone with a girl friend and business in colombia who has very valuable colombian art, some you can not take out of colombia.
i do have an isabel bishop. she is deceased. she was female. it is a nice work of art. it could go up in value. but art has tremendous transaction costs. i have charles lassiter's best work - he cried when i bought it from him in 1973. but i just looked him up - he died and his work goes for $300 to $6,000.
apparently, i can not make money like kanye, the kardashians, jay z, beyonce, elon, dollar bill gates, bezos.
hell, i may have more than kl but i have lived without a plane, etc. i could not sleep at night if i were kl. who knows, maybe he should fear neal.
i did hear noise last night. i looked out of my windows and saw fireworks at boca raton resort. i went out on balcony and saw fireworks at 5 sources close by. i am jaded. i have seen fireworks a few times a year for 60 years. i am cutting back on carbs and lost a few pounds. 

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