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Re: vhc pps performing like a sick dog. would vhc posts by bears there elucidate why? eom

 thanks. i do not know ta. i do not believe in it or use it. i did not know stocks drift down on low volume on no news.
i do think if vhc had a slam dunk case, cafc might have acted by now on aapl 4 - but it seems to act slowly for no reason.
analogously, i do not like delays (lack of news) on release of ig report, news from u s atty durham or big success with china trade, no korea, venezuela, cuba, iran, chile, hong kong, usmca, eu.  
i am a lucky investor, stocks have done well since 1982 and march 2009. i have been heavily in stocks. buying dips, buying low, selling high has been good. i would have done better if i had let some big winners run. i did ride some stocks down. many (of my) stocks have done very well.  
8 years ago a jury out for over 8 weeks - came up with a crazy disastrous verdict. 

SAN FRANCISCO | Thu Nov 17, 2011 12:35am GMT, By Dan Levine and Noel Randewich

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Rambus Inc was dealt a major defeat on Wednesday as a jury rejected its claims in a $4 billion antitrust lawsuit against Micron Technology Inc and Hynix Semiconductor Inc, a decision that wiped out almost two-thirds of its market value. Investors took to the hills. Shares of Rambus, which derives the bulk of its income from litigating to defend its patents, plummeted almost 80 percent to $4 before ending down 61 percent -- marking its largest single-day loss ever and eradicating more than $1.2 billion of Rambus' market value. After more than eight weeks of deliberations, a San Francisco state court jury rejected claims by Rambus that Micron and Hynix colluded to fix memory chip prices and discourage the adoption of its technology. The decision was a massive blow not just to Rambus -- which could have sought triple damages under state antitrust law -- but also to Wall Street investors who had bid its share price up based on years of aggressive, and often successful, litigation. The high-profile defeat raises questions about a business model like Rambus' that relies almost entirely on litigation. It was the second major defeat for the Silicon Valley semiconductor designer this year. In May, a court ruled it had been wrong to shred hundreds of boxes of documents relevant to two patent-infringement lawsuits involving Micron and Hynix. Rambus Chief Executive Harold Hughes said he was reviewing options for appeal. But legal experts predict a tough road ahead if Rambus pursues that route. The company can first ask the trial judge to revisit the verdict, then head for the appellate courts. "This kind of factual determination is very rarely overturned," said Robert Lande, an antitrust professor at the University of Baltimore School of Law. Micron attorney William Price said the verdict sent a message to other companies, while Hynix lawyer Ken Nissly said the outcome banished claims of a price-fixing conspiracy. "You can't count on winning in litigation what you can't win in the marketplace," Price said. The verdict boosted Micron stock by 23.4 percent to $6.74. Rambus shares closed at $7.11 with 15.88 million shares traded -- of which 13.766 million changed hands after the verdict was announced. Hynix shares shot up as much as 5.6 percent on opening in Seoul, and remained up 3 percent at 23,050 won in early trade.



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