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Re: LOL - TDAmeritrade

Everyone has a different approach to viewing their investment into this rights offering. Each Ďinvestorí weighs the risk and exposure based on their confidence in the company and its value proposition.

For me, Iíve been in since before they parted ways with Neoprobe Corporation and traded under NEOP, watching my investment climb and crash too many times to really justify my long term investment. Management seemed to always be on the brink of putting the pieces together, and then another blunder in leadership hubris fueled their arrogance and magnified their business finance ignorance.

I see the rights offering as structured, as an opportunity to average my 6 figure investment to a lower share cost, such that at a $300M valuation I can break even. The company, from outside appearances, is advancing its IP assets while maintaining its loss carry forward, and not gambling in another risky credit vehicle that could undermine their survival.

Anyone who invests in a biotech knows each investment is unique, and either an educated risk or impulsive gamble. Usually itís the gamblers that do the most bitching when they canít see beyond the SP performance. I wish everyone success in their decision, whether itís to participate or observe.👍

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