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Re: Special message

Vit, agreed. Unless there is something imminent (yeah, i know) with respect to good news coming from the P3 FDA meeting or some well intended update on talks with a partner or the announcement of a real deal for Lymphoseek rights, I have no idea how much longer this current sp will last. Not to beat a dead horse, but why would JKS show any patience in Latkin -- other than the fact that JKS was able to buy a large position of shares in NAVB at below market pricing??

Latkin is not vital to the advancement and success of RA trials and RA in general. Quite the contrary...And clearly, he's been taken to town by Jubilant and Keystone/Mastiff. JKS cannot be happy with the outcome of the latter. Afterall, he was instrumental in the whole $5M/$5/share Mastiff deal. Is it coincidental that he signaled the end to legal battles and litigation? Coincidental and convenient if you ask me. Several on this board will cry blasphemy with respect to my comments. Afterall, they have bent over backwards letting us all know their allegiance and adulation for JKS and Latkin coming to the rescue.

Meanwhile, a strong CEO with market credibility and industry respect would have this share price in the $3s/4s in a minute based on Lymphoseek distribution rights and upcoming P3 FDA meeting.

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