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Re: Good luck to Longs!! How about Rosol?

 as you can attest  I am supportive of the whole Navidea team and Rosol and science team doing really really really good 
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Re: Time for someone in Management to do/say something...EOM

 alf >Money has praised JL's performance many many times.
correct.  since mid 2018 
-out of the terrible EU Norgine JV deal
-out of the terrible R-NAV, LLC deal that delayed RA Dx trials 
-resolved 4694 conflict
-not backing down from MG
-patent protection issued thru mid 3030's..several more PAs filed
-Copes replacement, Rosol and whole science team is doing really really good  
-balance sheet in best shape for first time in many new debt.-- bad loan deals
-Keystone and Scott fundings in place to proceed with RA P3 and Scotts to proceed with Thx. 
-Jubilant is totally committed to and head first into theranostics and can you conceive a more perfect theranostics  molecule than Manocept?  None of us know what is going on with Jubilant nor the exact terms to logically debate...I have speculated several times dd completion and Jubilant closing was predicted on P3 trigger and MG lawsuit resolution, which timing is out of Navidea/Jl hands if my speculation is close to right, plus I do know RA trial timeline is moving more rapidly than LS trials even thru Covid and CAH execution on LS was also delayed. Also as an aside I saw the imminent as a public negotiations, which is not un heard of, but yes a tight rope walk that gave public exceptions, plus JL mentioned in last CC now wanted to see biopsy results
I also know Bupp was mercifully attacked and PM and MG were originally praised to no end (except by one poster) and now rightfully attacked and JL was originally praised is now attacked
So alf what is new in the love you and hate you world, oh yes woking
One can criticize all they want, but I am supportive of JL's and Boards overall direction and general successes so far and only time will tell....
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