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Re: JL

Very creative jingle! Sadly, it's true and you and I have both been saying this for a long time. It's interesting that there hasn't been a peep (other than from Money) from the Kool-Aid Club today -- the same guys who have been telling us that the Jubilant deal was weeks away or that Jed Latkin is an honorable savior of the S.S. NAVB.

The "imminent" Jubliant deal was either a sham or maybe it's now expired? Hence, the $5M PP announcement today at below market pricing. Scott & Co, the hedge fund partners and the BOD struck their deal with Latkin. They gave him an undeserved extension, more options and more rope to extend the goal posts. Latkin is a fraud and he is no different than Mike Goldberg -- they are both 2 Platinum Pigs in the same blanket. So much for not being interested in selling shares below $5. Latkin has no credibility and all he does is run his mouth...

This stock will move when Scott & Co. decide that it's time to move. For those of you who can follow along, NAVB is trading at 11.5 cents/share pre-split, not to mention further dilution. Jed Latkin was at the helm before the split and after the split. He's accomplished nothing except to take care of himself every step on the way down.

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