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Re: Pump the brakes Dadeo

How many times have we had upward price movement on lame news only to be beaten back down by the shorts. A partnership, which management has been promising for years would be deserving of real upward price movement not dilution.
 This points out the problem with people like her.  If I were to put this on a watch list and my notes told me to buy on a partnership announcement, I'd miss most of the move that would result from that announcement.  The algos would get all the cheap shares.  Retail would jump in too late, and the result would be more disappointed retail investors when they bought high and got stuck on the downdraft when it corrected.  The algos never get disappointed. 
Which is why I'm certain that our negative friend is not what she claims.  I think she is likely a former insider (or a family member) who got pushed out and has a vendetta against the company.  Just my opinion.  But her posting makes this board almost unreadable, which is likely her intent.  I don't put her on ignore because I enjoy the comedy of it all, at times. Plus, if I'm correct, the hole just keeps getting deeper when the fraud is exposed. 

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