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Re: Avg Down

About the most detailed info I received was that there has been more interest in what the company is doing in the past few months than there has been in the past 2 years." --Bereal
LOL, Seriously? You must have memory loss or a bad memory.
We've been hearing that same thing for 2 years now, that the excitement is more than it ever has been, that partnerships are right around the corner, that more meetings in the last several weeks than we have had in the last year, that a bio-marker approval is right around the corner, that NASH images will produce a partnership in late 2018, that everyone is super excited - Go back and read it yourself from the CC transcripts.
You say I'm dishonest? How about you go back and refresh your memory with facts, instead of personal fictions.
Here are some reminders (emphasis is mine):
Jed Latkin (Q2 2018 CC)
As we've noted before, remember, we don't need FDA approval to get the biomarker in use in clinic. . .It's not necessary in terms of starting to sell it to companies. And we are in active discussions with several different groups about using the product in a more advanced way as a biomarker. [Aaaaaaand, nada!]
Jed Latkin (Q3 2018 CC)
I’d actually say that we’ve had a tremendous amount of meetings on the MT side over the last several weeks, which has been very, very positive. We’ve had actually more meetings over the last month or so than we’ve had in quite a while. And there is really a lot of interest in the product and that’s from the – let’s say from the pharmaceutical side. On the investor side, we’ve had quite a few investor meetings as well. . .I do think that we’ll be able to start really marketing harder and bringing in a venture partner ." [--Nope!]
Jed Latkin (Q3/2018 CC on RA)
I know this is something that’s been on top of everybody’s mind. I would say in the last month, we’ve had just multiple discussions with quite a few potential partners. We’re at, I would say a decently advanced stage. . . . We’re actually working hand in hand with one company right now, on a presentation to some fairly high up individuals. . . . With this other particular company, this discussion has been very fruitful and hopefully, something will happen. I can’t guarantee that something will happen, but we’ve had very good discussions with this company. [Ah, Nopie, Nopie!]
Jed Latkin (Q3 2018 CC)
I think that we have a lot of options out there for bringing in financing that would be minimally dilutive, if we don’t get a partnership, but there – we do have the resources available to bring in to not have to do something massively dilutive, if we don’t want to. [100%+ Dilution, and Double Nope!]     
You talk about being truthful, but you dismiss truth when it doesn't fit your opinions.

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