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Re: Avg Down

The quote speaks for itself. They didn't provide details of any sort, although not for my lack of trying. They are very "by-the-book" when it comes to that.

About the most detailed info I received was that there has been more interest in what the company is doing in the past few months than there has been in the past 2 years, along with the massive disconnect comment and a tone of excitement I haven't heard before. Who, what, when and where were not details they cared to provide.

As I've said before, this either works or it doesn't (which is being a lot more honest than you've ever been), but based on the RA images, the FDA's approval to move forward with the concurrent phases, the fact that it's funded through year end, and the very optimistic tone, I believe the odds have shifted in our favor. Of course for you, it means the opposite and at a certain point you could have your head handed to you.

You know the disclaimer investment firms use that "Past results are no guarantee of future performance," well that can cut both ways.

I believe I'm done responding to you.

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