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35202 Re: P3-money GN co3aii 1 10/20/2021 11:43:50 AM
35201 Re: P3 GN moneyonomics 2 10/20/2021 11:38:01 AM
35200 P3 GN alf33 1 10/20/2021 10:41:22 AM
35199 FORM 3-Winkler Agnieszka....... GN Palantir Hold 3 10/20/2021 5:36:17 AM
35198 Impossible to "visualize" this amazing Tx accomplishment! Is this reasonable estimate for Navidea's advanced molecules, if Lymphoseek is 10 kDa and 7 nanometers (nm), could that equate to the 1 kDa at ~.7 nm and to the 3.5 kDa at ~2.5 nm? GN moneyonomics 3 10/18/2021 4:49:11 PM
35197 One key thing radiologists are focused on in the Navidea RA trials..."the early negative predictive value" strongly demonstrated by tilmanocept's diagnostics of RA treatment effectiveness in P2b arm 3 trial ...LDMicro conference... GN moneyonomics 4 10/18/2021 1:04:29 PM
35196 Navidea has made significant advancements over last 3 years in the targeting-transport molecule that is internalized in CD206,ie into 3 sizes,1 kDa, 3.5 kDa, 10 kDa or can pass blood brain barrier or get into tighter spaces or block so no liver uptake.LDM GN moneyonomics 4 10/18/2021 12:50:47 PM
35195 An anti-TNFa is the initial treatment for RA in 90% of patients. Navidea 3-31 P2b trial able to detect effectiveness of anti-TNFa 90% of time at week 5 and with 3-32 trial could be able to predict if anti-TNFa should be used at day 1, 35%-40% of time.LD.e GN moneyonomics 3 10/18/2021 1:04:18 AM
35194 Navidea's International Lymphoseek....India. Expect regulatory approval at any time and could start marketing in early 2022. LDMicro conference...eom GN moneyonomics 2 10/18/2021 12:03:26 AM
35193 Tilmanocept CNS trial update: "We anticipate...will detect TcTM in the deep cervical lymph nodes after injection into the brain...patients with disease in different lobes of the brain may have different lymph drainage patterns..." GN moneyonomics 3 10/17/2021 8:12:46 PM
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