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the new noteboooks...

Filled with CRUS:
(Bloomberg) -- Apple Inc., seeking to reverse a decline in Mac and iPad sales, is preparing several new models and upgrades for early next year, according to people familiar with the situation.
The effort includes updating the iPad Air, iPad Pro and MacBook Air, according to the people, who asked not to be identified because the products haven’t been announced. The new iPad Air will come in two sizes for the first time, and the Pro model will get OLED screens — short for organic light-emitting diode. The MacBook Air, meanwhile, will feature the speedier M3 processor.

The Mac and iPad account for 15% of Apple’s revenue combined, and they’ve been particularly hard hit by a decline in consumer tech spending. The iPad slump has been compounded by a lack of new models. In fact, 2023 will be the first calendar year in the product’s history when no new versions were released.
There have been Mac releases in the past year, but that market faces a broader pullback for computers following a boom in pandemic spending. Mac sales tumbled 34% last quarter to $7.61 billion, while iPad revenue dropped 10% to $6.44 billion. They also make up a smaller portion of Apple’s total sales these days, with services — once a negligible contributor — now accounting for a much larger piece.

Apple is looking to the new models to help reinvigorate demand next year. The iPads and accessories are expected to launch around the end of March — alongside iPadOS 17.4 — according to the people familiar with the plans. The Macs are being developed alongside macOS 14.3. That software update is likely to be released between the end of January and February, but the hardware may not ship until the March time frame.

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