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My amateur EOY review of LCTX

INTRO Here's my semi-annual exercise to see if I remember why I own the stocks I own, and so I can check back and see if their stories have changed. I post in case it helps others too.

Lineage Cell Therapeutics

LCTX (market cap is $0.199B was $0.268B)

Lineage Cell Therapeutics (aka LCTX, which is also easier to type despite being the stock and not the company) is a leading edge biotech developing multiple treatments. My primary interests in them are for treating the damaged nerves of accident victims by regrowing nerves, and macular degeneration by regrowing retinal materials both through the use of stem cells.

Their treatments are advancing reasonably. The more dramatic results have been accident victims who regain at least some motor function. The improvements in vision for macular degeneration patients are not as apparent, but is very apparent to the patient. In both cases treatments may be submitted for FDA approval within a couple of years.

If either of their treatments are approved and successful they may be headline news, especially because stem cells are been a discussion topic for decades.

(Mostly a copy&paste for my biotech investments with the names changed)

One hurdle with biotechs is making sure the treatment is reliable, effective, safe, and commercially viable. Another hurdle with innovative treatments is gaining FDA approval is a reasonable time. Treatments for unmet needs have pressure for early approval. Innovative treatments have pressures encouraging the FDA to be cautious. We may soon see how the technical, political, medical, and societal pressures affect Geron's treatment and Geron's viability and GERN's performance.

DISCLOSURE LTBH by habit, but having to remember that my LCTX/BTX holdings came from AST (2014) which was spun off from GERN (which I’ve held since 1999). I hear patience pays, but it is easy to have doubts after twenty years of waiting.

(I've also collected links to the other discussion boards and my other stocks over on my blog
& from my One Company One Story series on YouTube )

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