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Strong Buy

COVID-19 D614G mutation infections surging in USA

The COVID-19 D614G mutation in the spike protein is now becoming the dominant strain in the USA, it is quite virulent & pressuring the Federal government to "do something". The virus that first appeared on USA West Coast in March was much weaker.

The Galidesivir alternatives are failing. Hydroxychloroquine lost EAU, the Euro study of Actemra/Tocilizumab was ended early because it showed no benefit, Favipiravir causes birth defects, monoclonal antibodies & a COVID-19 vaccine are pipe dreams...

Remdesivir has EUA but the supply is nearly exhausted, it is toxic, expensive, marginally effective, the manufacturing is complex & it takes months to produce...

The exploding infection rates forced President Trump to have Dr Fauci & Dr Birx address the media this week after a prolonged absence. The COVID-19 infection rate is on the verge of spiraling out of control again in several states & cities, most notably Houston.

One third of tested Orlando airport workers were positive for COVID-19 last week. About 50,000 people pass thru there daily & travel all over the country...

Considering the above there is tremendous pressure on President Trump, Dr Fauci, NIH & NIAID to produce the next therapeutic...Galidesivir to the rescue...

Recall that Galidesivir falls under the FDA Animal Rule so there are two routes to Emergency Use Authorization, either thru human trials or animal trials. Gali already has animal trial successes verses Zika, Ebola, Yellow Fever & Marburg viruses. Also, CEO Stonehouse mentioned Gali COVID-19 animal studies in the 5/6/20 CC, perhaps they're completed???

The Galidesivir Brazilian clinical trial results are due "this summer", perhaps the data will be released this coming week???

So, there could be multiple factors involved but Galidesivir is my best bet for what caused the price/volume surge on Friday. I think Emergency Use Authorization for Gali will happen in July.

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