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Re: anybody notice...

 Husky, I looked back on some timelines/participants:
11/6 The ER/CC came out:
1. Tom was not on the call (Bluth said he was, but he got no questions and was not offered up to speak)
2. JP Morgan analyst Jessica Fye was on the call- asked one question about raising money- Jon answered "not going to get in to details on licensing/royalties, etc as it pertained to raising the $100M in Q4
3. JMP Securities analyst Liisa Bayko was on the call- no financing questions
4. Andrew Fein HC Wainwright analyst was not on the call
5. Jessica Fye was the only analyst that asked anything about financing/cashflow on the call
6. The secondary cat was out of the bag and not worth asking about, from ANY of the analysts 

11/8 Tom's departure announced in a filing
11/12 Secondary announced
1. JP Morgan Sole book runner
2. JMP Securities lead manager for offering
3. HC Wainwright lead manager for offering 
 Bitching aside because they've done what they've done, just execute and don't piss away money before well in to commercialization

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