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Re: PRs coming this week and quarter

No. 5 will be the PR that may actually move the pps UP. They have enough money now to get to market (or so they should say/confirm in a CC next week) and even that info isn't enough to get this over 2 bucks.  If Japan results are  superior to prior 7353 efficacy results, that may trigger the EU licensing deal and encourage even more global physicians to get on board. 
If they are better, and mgmt would be in a position to know how they are trending, then they really should have waited for the secondary as the pps may have popped and thus reduced the amount of dilution we were just crushed with. We'll see soon enough when the results come out. Timing, timing, timing...Or like I said before, why didn't they raise the money when the pps was 7-8 bucks with the well managed statement of "we are preparing the commercialization war chest"...
Are there any wallstreet savvy people on that BOD? Would love to know Tom's thoughts on the timing/equity strategy..but he's bailing...
Of course the longer it takes to hit No. 2, the longer til commercialization, and that money does like to flow outwards on a monthly basis. File the damn paperwork already.

1. Oral abstract for American College of Allergy for this weekend presentation.
2. NDA filing
3. Future royalty license deal (7353 or 9930 who knows?).
4. Presentations at the Jeffries London Healthcare conference and Piper Jaffray this month.
5. Results of Japan clinical trial.
6. Presentation at JPM in Jan.
7. Equity deal

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